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Sis. Helen Abraka

Niger State - Niger.

She was suffering from hypertension, diabeties which made her to urinate 10 times a day. But as she came to Chosen, pastor prayed and mentioned her case, she was free and can only urinate 3 times before day break. Also she can do things she could not do before. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Caroline Okoh

Suleja, Niger State

God proved this in my life through the healing of various sicknesses that held me bound for 11 years. The sickness started with diabetes. At this time, I urinate up to six times before day break. In the day time it was uncountable. Apart from diabetes, there was a moving object. This evil object moved all over my body from one part to the other causing severe pains on my body. Anytime the movement started, I would not be myself again, I would be restless. When the object comes to the chest, it would cause chest pain. The chest pain would bring another uncomfortable situation that would not allow me to do anything. Also, I was suffering from pile. In all these sicknesses, I have been going from one hospital to the other. In each hospital, they would diagnose and administer treatment but the problems would continue. At a stage, I became frustrated as I did not know what to do again. In my frustrated situation someone invited me to The Lord’s Chosen crusade held in Abuja in August 2009. In that crusade, I witnessed the practical move of God’s power. My faith became stronger when I heard the testimonies of the previous acts of God in the ministry. When the General Overseer mounted the pulpit, he mentioned all my cases. As he was itemizing them one after the other, I kept on claiming my healing for each of them. At the end of the crusade, I went home, I discovered that I urinated just once that night and from that day, the constant urinating stopped. Similarly, the moving object that had always made me uncomfortable ceased, the chest pain stopped and the pile was equally uprooted. God really touched me and I am grateful unto Him for divine healing upon my life I will ever remain grateful to the person that invited me to this ministry. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Joshua lsa

Mararaba Region, Abuja, Nigeria.

There was a plot of land purchased at the cost of one hundred and fifty thousand naria (N150,000). At a stage, the land was at the verge of being lost. l sowed a seed, God did not only protect and preserve the land, He gave me additional four plots of land in choice places. ln another development, God healed my brother of madness he suffered for four months. When he was afflicted with madness, he was very violent. He did not give any one rest. My parents took him to all the known places where such sickness could be cured but the problem continued. When l came, l also took him to the places l thought could bring solution to his problem but the madness continued. When we had no idea of what to do again, God in His own way directed me to The Lord's Chosen service. As we came to the service, God in His miraculous way healed him. From that year 2007, he was healed; God has proved Himself in his life. He is a worker in the ministry. lt happened that we all in the family came from the background of idol worshippers. All the members of the family are moslems, but in the year 2001, l gave my life to Christ. ln the year 2007, when my brother was healed of this madness in The Lord's Chosen, all my people; my father, mother, brothers and sisters who had been moslems became christians. l thank God for proving Himself in our lives. To God be the glory!

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