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Brother Emeka Okoye

Jakande, Isolo – Lagos, Nigeria

God proved Himself in my life as he broke the yoke of unemployment in my life. By the grace of God, I want to testify to the glory of God, His goodness and mercies upon me and the members of my family. This God of Chosen has been kind and faithful to me and has been blessing me since the first day I came to The Lord’s Chosen and gave my life to Christ. I came to this ministry for the first time last week Sunday (11/07/10). It happened that I promised God that any church I gave my first testimony in life; that church will be the church I will worship throughout my life time and it happened that The Lord’s Chosen is the church. I graduated in 2008 and since then I have been searching for job. I came here last Sunday and I heard the testimony of a brother who said he applied for a job in a particular company and he was made a Manager. After that testimony, having heard and seen what is happening here, I told God in confidence that I will give my own testimony on Sunday which is today and to the glory of God, I am testifying. Having looked for work without getting, I told God that anything I see, I will take instead of being without doing anything. I applied as factory worker in one company, but the envelope they gave me had another form for an insurance company. I was worried whether the man was confused or not. So he directed me to one woman. When I gave her the envelope, she brought out the insurance paper and asked me of my credentials which I gave her. To the glory of God, she offered me employment immediately. I pray that whatever thing that is your problem, believe in God, as He has done it for me, He will do it for each and everyone of you in Jesus name. As for our Pastor, Heaven at last. To God is the glory.

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Sister James Getrude

Bariga,Lagos Nigeria

My baby’s name is Master Divine. We joined Chosen in 2003. We thank God for making us Chosen. We have come to return the glory to whom glory is due, the God of the Chosen, the wonder working God, the excellency of Jacob. The glory of the Chosen. The hope for the needy. The iron breaker, the mightier than all, father receive all the glory, honour and adoration in Jesus name. Brethren, I thank God for removing from me the reproach of delay in conception for over four years. Irrespective of the challenges and persecution, God granted me a baby boy according to my heart desire. May the name of Lord Jesus Christ be praised. For the G.O as the ocean can never dry, his anointing will never dry in Jesus name. All his enemies will be vanquished in Jesus name. Heaven at last for all the Chosen worldwide in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Brother Michael Ikechukwu Obasi

Dakar Senegal

Chosen praise the Lord,I am thanking God of the chosen for his marvelous financial visitation upon my life last year 2010.Infact I asked God that, he should show me mercy in every area of my life and help me. I have been eating from hand to mouth since other years, but year 2010, the General Pastor by the grace of God mentioned my case and God has started his marvelous works and blessed me financially that i was able to travell home and visit my family i left behind since 5 years ago.

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