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Brother Daniel Nwabueze

Ijora – Badia, Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria

I want to thank God for using some brethren ( not disclosed to me) to do Jubilee for me. I received a package containing some clothes given to me after Sunday service at our Branch, two weeks ago. I also thank God for removing the afflictions of a moving object in my body. The problem lasted for two and half years and it almost claimed my life. I am now relieved. Finally, before I joined Chosen, my family witnessed a harvest of death. We buried our family members too frequently. Since I joined this ministry, the spirit of death is now a thing of the past. We have not buried anybody since 2008 I became a Chosen. Praise God.

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Brother David Obumneke

Abia State. Nigeria

I joined Chosen March, last year (2012) Am grateful to God for making me a Chosen. When i repented in my former church in 2010, i had zeal to serve God though i was planning to travel outside country but the motive of travelling outside was wrong because i planned to go into fraud. I had even gone to learn computer so that it will help me in dubious practice outside. Later i heard from those inside fraud business that they used to fast and when they fast, their trip is usually successful. I entered into seven days fasting and prayer, i prayed for God to show me the Chruch he would serve him, however, three days into the fasting, I developed madness and I was chained and the journey started. i was being carried from pillar to post seeking for solution. At times I would get myself and once i got myself, i would runaway, searching for a true ministry where i would serve God. Sometime last year at about June, i regained my sanity. Later the young man that was preparing my paper for me to travel came and invited me to his house because i, have paid the man over half a million naira but he decided to abandon the money and seek for place where he would serve God. Eventually i heard the message of our Pastor and was pleased and at peace. in conclusion As am to ok this decision, devil closed everywhere there was no money to register for the school. However last Tuesday, our G.O in the course of his prayers said “after the service, if we switch on our phones, we will receive miracles alert.” True to that word of knowledge, immediately i opened my phone after service that Tuesday, i received alert of the payment of the money promised by the mother for my Bible school fees. Today, i have paid his school fees at More Grace Bible Institute. Finally, i pray that our G.O will live to fulfill his age and for all other Chosen members, i pray heaven at last.

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