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Obi Anayo Michael

Arendal Norway

I am a full member of the Lords Chosen in Nigeria before I left 2008 to Norway and continue my fellowship over here and God of Chosen has been so faithfull to me and my wife and children that I left in Nigeria, first,He granted safe delivery to my wife for my daughter who I have not seen physically but pictures, and had given me victory over a court case that I was forcefully accused of, also favour and promotion in my place of work, may this good God that has done all these to me and my family do it also in all the Chosen members and families and heaven at last to my [GO]and all the Chosen ones in Jesus name, Amen.

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Bro. Adekola Mukaila


I visited Chosen for the first time at Abuja crusade June, 2010. I was formally a Muslim but now a Christian. As I came incontact with Chosen and heard the word, the spirit of fornication and adultry were rolled away. My wife remained a muslim when and insisted l must join her. My in-laws took away my wife because l joined christians even Chosen. In the service Pastor gave a word of knowledge concerning that, and 2 weeks after my in-laws released my wife for me and now she a Chosen.

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Sis. Agnes Uchendu

Pamshkin New Layout, Jos, Nigeria.

I reside in Jos Plateau State. My testimony goes like this. l was into salon business. At a time, The Lord's Chosen came to the area l was operating my business, I was able to listen and hear the Pastor's undiluted word of God as he preached. There and then l made up my mind and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and also forsake the salon business. Before l knew it my Landlord and the wife gave me quit notice. l was ejected from my shop. I went to the Pastor in Jos for prayers after which he told me that God will grant me another shop. Then it happened that a particular landlord saw my husband and was asked him, if he needed a shop. My husband said yes. He gave us his own shop that was a room and a parlour. We thought he was joking. At the end, that was how God granted us the shop miraculously. Then on a Tuesday Revival Hour, we were in the fellowship and a tanker loaded with fuel caught fire in a filling station and my shop is very close to that filling station but to the glory of God my shop was safe and was not burnt. I thank God of Chosen for all he has done for me and my husband. God of Chosen did not disappoint me. Infact, Chosen is a place to be. I wish our Pastor Heaven at last.

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